Why Do People Need A Kanada Visum known as ETA?

kanada-etaWhen you travel to countries such as the United States and Kanada you need to have a valid visa, this can be either a work visa or a travel visa. If you decide you want to travel to Kanada, then you can apply online for a Kanada Visum. The Kanada ETA Visa means an electronic travel authorization visa; this visa is granted by the Canadian immigration authorities. To get this visa you need to apply online by filling in a form and then submitting a payment.  These visas are a way of allowing you to visit a country, they’re important when wanting to enter certain countries such as Kanada, the United States and Australia. This applies to all air passengers who are travelling from visa free countries this includes nationals from countries such as Cyprus and Poland; also children must obtain one of these visas.


There are requirements which you must meet to apply for a Kanada ETA these are that you must have a valid passport and enough money for your stay. When applying you need to have a credit card, and an email for them to send the information to. Your application will be rejected, if you have no fly orders or a criminal record; this is because they want to protect Kanada’s borders, as well as to save money and resources. To apply for the Kanada ETA you will need to fill out a form online and then submit a payment. This is a quick and easy process to stop there from being any inconvenience. This needs to be printed ready for boarding your flight so that you can make sure everything runs smoothly. This visa will be valid for the next five years; as long as your passport and eta remain valid you can travel to Kanada without reapplying. Kanada is such a stunning place with many different amazing areas to go sightseeing and view all the beautiful scenery, plus you can relax and enjoy the wildlife. There are some great places to go camping and enjoy the view such as Banff national park, the Canadian Rockies and Georgian Bay. Then there’s amusement parks that you can visit too, these include La Ronde and Canada’s wonderland; although another great place for you to visit would have to be the Royal Tyrell museum of palaeontology.