Tips For Travelling To America


If you want to travel to the United States of America then you will need to obtain a USA ESTA visa to be able to enter the country. The ESTA visa is part of the USA Visa Waiver Program. This is for international citizens who wish to travel the United States. It will be valid for 2 years and whilst it’s valid this means you won’t have to reapply for it during the 2 year period. The visa can be applied for online, it’s cheaper when applied for online and it’s simple as all you have to do is fill in a form and then submit the payment. It needs to be applied for in advance to stop there being any inconvenience. It can take minutes to find out whether it has been reject or accepted, although it can take up to 72 hours before you want to check your application status.


Next I’ll tell you some tips for if you’re from Britain and it’s your first time visiting America. You must tip between 15 and 20% in American restaurants; its part of a social contract, all Americans are aware of this. It’s not a kind gesture to tip it is an obligation, one from which visitors are not exempt. Next, American portion sizes generally are much bigger than you’ll be used to having. It’s not only acceptable to ask to take some of the food home, in many places it’s actually expected and considered part of the service. Also, there is no brown sauce, they don’t eat meat pies, and chips don’t come with everything.


You probably won’t have a single proper cup of tea during your stay, electric kettles are basically unknown and tea is seen as a drink for little old ladies. If you ask for tea you will probably be provided with a refreshing glass of iced tea instead. Americans drink a lot of coffee instead but this does come so many different ways so you can have it however you want. Then the work pudding doesn’t mean dessert to them it’s actually a chocolate mousse given to children. Also biscuits are called cookies and the word biscuit means a type of savoury bread muffin. You should tip a bartender at least one dollar per drink when you order an alcoholic drink. You aren’t expected to buy around for everyone but it’s not unexpected. They don’t really see being really drunk or having a hangover as something to be proud of. People don’t drink at lunchtime, and they don’t ever confess to missing work because of a hangover. People will randomly smile at you and its polite to smile back, they don’t have to know you before they will come over and start a conversation with you. American flags have become even more ubiquitous, and are seen as a sign of national unity. You’re not meant to put one on the ground, step on one, display one upside down or make fun of one. The only place with a reliable inter-city train network is the northeast, between Boston and Washington DC; this is why everyone tends to have a car, as not everything is in walking distance.